Neer Hair – Brown

Neer Hair – Brown


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1 PACKAGE OF BROWN NEER HAIR – 11″ lengths double wrapped for a total material length of approx 22″

Softer than bucktail, stiffer than marabou, lightweight Neer Hair’s ultra fine fibers have just the right action to make your streamer patterns come to life. Neer hair floats well making it a perfect material for parachute patterns. Dress up your flies with a permanent marker, comb out Neer Hair’s fine fibers with Velcro or a small brush, or use Neer Hair in a dubbing brush to add those finishing touches. Make long casts effortlessly due to its water shedding properties. While loved by saltwater fishermen, Neer Hair offers a virtually endless variety of uses in all types of flies and jigs.

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